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2011 Pre-harvest Update

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We are happy to hear that grass seed is moving and there are good future prospects. We are aware that the anticipated delay in harvest will create additional challenges for everyone. The lab is making all the necessary preparations to respond to your needs promptly. Here are ways you can help us move your samples through testing in a streamlined manner:

Expedite entering of sample information and test requests

  • Enter your samples on-line. This gives you immediate feedback on typos & eligibility. It also allows us to avoid misinterpretations due to handwriting and moves samples to the testing stage more quickly. To get a PIN and instructions please contact Certification at 541-737-4513 or http://seedcert.oregonstate.edu/.
  • Request Rush service. Write “Rush” on the sample. Rush samples are processed before other samples. There is a fee for this service.
  • Order everything up front. Adding tests later slows the sample down. UGS and Sod Quality are sequential, meaning they won’t be done if the purity test shows a relevant contaminant.
  • Annual Ryegrass has new procedures. See the attached update for instructions on indicating how you want your sample ended.

Expedite testing in the lab

The lab streamlines many procedures internally but the following helps your samples to be tested more promptly:

  • Prioritize your samples: Rushes are faster than regular samples. Natives and mixtures take time.
  • Sample condition: Cleaner samples move faster than heavily contaminated samples.
  • Order a Crop & Weed: Noxious, UGS, Sod Quality, etc. can all be generated from a CW.
  • Order TZ at the beginning: makes sure TZ result is ready by the time purity is finished.
  • Order Sequential Grow-out: assures transplanting immediately for grow-out if fluorescence level exceeds Certification limit. This saves at least three weeks over ordering a grow-out later.

Access test information and reports online to save time

  • See test results online with a PIN if your name is on the sample certificate.
  • Get planting dates online to help you plan for final germination results.
  • On-site printing of reports. Many contractors and cleaners are printing test reports in their offices.
  • On-line authorization to add Cc’s on your sample reports. When Cc authorization is done on the web, the company added will immediately have access.

Thank you for using the OSU Seed Lab. If you have any questions now or during the testing season, please let us know at seedlab@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-4464.

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