Australia Testing

Shipping seeds to Australia? The OSU Seed Laboratory can help you!

australiaAustralia is an important market for seeds produced in Oregon and the USA. Recent weather conditions in Australia may result in more seed being needed there. If your seed is going to be headed for Australia, it is important to know their requirements and how the OSU Seed Laboratory can help you.

What does Australia require?

How can the OSU Seed Lab help you?

The OSU Seed Laboratory is ISTA accredited and AQIS approved and can issue ISTA certificates and analysis reports that are accepted by AQIS. (See AQIS Import Condition C7180 for more information.)

If Glyceria spp. seeds are found, knowing that your seed is headed for Australia, the OSU Seed Laboratory can quickly proceed to test the Glyceria by flow cytometry.

Australia requires a special classification scheme for reporting purity results. Whether you need an ISTA Orange Certificate, ISTA Blue Certificate, or OSU analysis report, the test results will be classified according to Australia's requirements.

The OSU Seed Laboratory can issue ISTA Orange and Blue certificates or standard OSU analysis reports on the samples, depending on customer requirements and the species being tested. Please contact us if you have questions.

Delivery of reports?

ISTA Certificates are mailed to the customer. Standard OSU analysis reports are provided via our website, fax or remote printing for those that already have this service.

Our hope is that these seed testing and reporting services help you meet the requirements of your customers and Australian authorities.