sabry-groupFocus: Workshops respond to common needs of groups.

Who: Prospective attendees may come from a variety of backgrounds, including seed grower, cleaner, dealer, seed analyst and students. Each workshop differs in focus and intended audience.

How it works: Group size is limited to assure optimum interaction. The trade-mark of these events is “hands-on”. Events may be repeated or offered in Spanish if there is sufficient interest. Some events are offered directly by the OSU seed laboratory staff and others by invited experts to address specialized areas.

We will announce any workshops on this website.

Examples of past workshops:

Seed Quality Management Workshop: May 2014

In any industry, effective quality management is critical for a successful marketing system. The seed industry is no different. Quality management (QM) in seed production is even more difficult because seeds are perishable and need special care in each step of the process. We depend on quality seeds to produce food for the growing world population, in addition to feed, fiber, turf, and flowers. 

blower-demonstrationQuality seed is the product of organized and well-managed systems. These systems require doing things correctly in every stage, including breeding, seed production, seed conditioning, seed testing, warehousing, labeling, etc. Managing these systems is important to provide quality seed to the end users and make sure that they are satisfied. Seed quality management requires all participants in the system to do their part correctly, so that the whole system can deliver quality seeds efficiently and consistently. Quality management is critical in the competitive global seed market in which we all operate. 

The OSU Seed Laboratory will offer a hands-on workshop on Seed Quality Management in May, 2014. The workshop will focus on grass seed, but the principles are applicable to other seed such as cereals, vegetables, and native species. The workshop will address areas of current importance to seed growers, cleaners and dealers, including:

  • Seed Quality Management: the system, its components and procedures.
  • Quality Management in seed fields, including critical factors and procedures.
  • Prevention and control of weeds and other crops in seed fields.
  • Principles and procedures of Quality Management in seed conditioning.
  • Controlling variability in the lot, the sample, and test results.
  • Recognition of inert matter, crop seeds, and weed seeds.
  • Hands-on demonstration of seed cleaning with lab-scale equipment.
  • Measuring seed purity: purity, inert, weeds, and crops.
  • Measuring the planting value of seeds: dormancy, germination, TZ and vigor.
  • Protecting seed in storage and during transit.

The event is organized by the OSU Seed Laboratory staff, in collaboration with the USDA grass seed cleaning facility, an OSU Extension Weed Specialist, and OSU Seed Certification inspectors.

  • It is a 2-day workshop and will be offered on the following dates: May 1-2(FULL), and May 8-9(FULL), 2014. If you are interested in attending the May 2014 Seed Quality Management Workshops, please call 541-737-4464 to be added to our waiting list. 
  • Only 20 participants are accepted per event on a first come basis.
  • The $273/person fee will include a workbook, parking, lunch and refreshments.
  • A certificate is provided upon completion.
  • Those interested in specific crops/issues are encouraged to bring their own seeds to work on.
If you would like to attend please fill out the attached form (PDF or Fillable) and send it to the lab for each attendee.

We look forward to seeing you!

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