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OECD and AOSA/EC Supplemental Update

This is a pre-harvest reminder for all customers and clients that produce or ship OECD certified seed in Oregon:

 First--The seed lot size for all Poaceae species that are part of the OECD Seed Schemes changed in 2015. The current OECD seed lot size on these species is 55,000 pounds, with a 5% tolerance to the maxima.  This would make a total maximum lot size weight of 57,750 pounds.  This rule covers all of the major grass seed species produced in and shipped out of the state. If you have a question on the eligibility of a specific species, or attention is needed for an older lot pre-rule change, please call the the Oregon Seed Certification Service office at 541-737-4513.  

 Second--OECD customers have the option of requesting an EC Supplemental report from the OSU Seed Lab for Certified annual and perennial ryegrass lots.  This report is created from a Certified AOSA/EC test, and on this report the fluorescence level is not calculated into the pure seed component.  This report  will state the fluorescence level, but it will not be calculated into the purity.   Only Certified fields, which have passed Certified standards on the original AOSA/EC exam are eligible for this report.  To order the report, please contact the Seed Lab at seedlab@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-4464.

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