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Ryegrass Annuality and Perenniality Informational Handout (PDF) 

Annual Ryegrass Testing - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Guidelines to Avoid Mistakes on Sample Certificates

The Importance of Seed Vigor Testing

Major Types of Inert in Grass Seed (PDF)

Oil, Protein and Moisture Determination in Seeds Using NMR (PDF)

A Seed Image is Worth a Thousand Words (PDF)

Seed Vigor Testing (PDF)

Soil Seed-Bank Test: Detecting, identifying and quantifying seed in soil samples. (PDF)

The Value of Fluorescence and Grow-out Tests in Differentiating Annual and Perennial Ryegrass (PDF)

Articles and Technical Papers

Elias, S.E., A. Garay and D. Curry. 2010. The Value of Fluorescence and Grow-out Tests in Differentiating Annual and Perennial Ryegrass. (PDF)(updated 10-1-10)

Garay, A., S. Hanning and S. Elias. 2010. Redesigning a purity testing system: development of an ergonomic, high-vision, continuous-flow seed inspection system. Seed Testing International 139:8-13. (Link is to PDF of entire issue of journal.)

Elias, S.E., A. Garay and D. Curry. 2009. Development of a uniform blowing procedure for grass seeds: principles, applications and benefits. Seed Testing International 138:26-32. (Link is to PDF of entire issue of journal.)

Garay, A. 2007. Update on Glyceria (Mannagrass) Identification at the OSU Seed Laboratory. (PDF)

Garay, A. and S. Elias. 2007. Ploidy by Cytometry - New Applications (PDF)

Garay, A., B. Boyer and S. Aldrich-Markham. 2006. Grass seed cleaner finds painless way to clean out soil (PDF)

Garay, A. and S. Elias. 2006. Ploidy by flow cytometry: an ideal technology for determining the ploidy level in ryegrass and other species. (PDF)

Elias, S., A. Garay, B. Young and T. Chastain. Maintaining grass seed viability in storage: A brief review of management principles with emphasis on grass seeds stored in Oregon.

Garay, A. and S. Elias. Valuable seed vigor tests for spring-planted sweet corn, peas, beans and other crops.

Elias, S. and A. Garay. 2004. Tetrazolium Test (TZ): A fast. reliable test to determine seed viability. (PDF)

Garay, A., R. Triplett, S. Hanning, S. Elias and B. Whiting. 2003. The use of Ergovision inspection stations in purity testing. (PDF)

Elias, S., A. Garay, S. Hanning and L. Schweitzer. 2003. Testing the Quality of Seeds in Cereals (PDF)

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