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Imaging and Information Systems

Development of digital and electronic information systems in seeds

We have one of the most advanced databases and programs that contain information for test results of approximately 30,000 tests every year. This information is a treasure to generate knowledge on purity, germination, specific contaminants, and other quality attibutes by crops, years, companies, warehouse, etc. This information can be used to generate research to understand and solve problems, to assist customers on seed management programs and to plan innovations for the lab or customers.

Completed Projects

  • Seed services database and applications programs have been developed and maintained by a team of software programmers. These resources are used daily to manage all testing information electronically, including web entry of test requests and instant web access to test results.
  • Many computer searches have been performed for purity, inert, germination, and other tests by crops, years, etc. for statistical purposes and specific company seed management decisions can be generated.
  • The laboratory has developed a procedure to provide seed image information on inert, specific crop or weed seeds found in a any particular sample upon customer (grower, cleaner or dealer) request. The image of the contaminant side by side with the crop seed provides the critical information that words cannot describe. Information  is used to make re-cleaning or other seed management decisions.
  • The seed laboratory has developed high quality digital images of 100 common crops and weeds of Oregon and Northwest region of the US. The information is used to organize workshops for seed analysts, growers, cleaners, dealers and extension services interested in seed identification. The image book is available for sale.
  • The lab is using the database to generate information on the germination and fluorescence of ryegrass by species, crop year, variety, treatment (chilled and non-chilled) for various studies. Data will be used to understand what proportion of samples has reached maximum germination and fluorescence by the first count and what proportion needed the additional time.

Interests and opportunities for new projects

  • Future opportunities are in seed image development and generation of company specific information (for growers, cleaners, dealers) for whom there are abundant test results in our database.

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The OSU Seed Laboratory is an AOSA and ISTA member lab and is ISTA Accredited Laboratory US07.

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