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Update on Annual Ryegrass

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The AOSA approved a change to the germination testing rule for annual ryegrass. This change allows us to end a test early if it has reached maximum germination. As a result, we expect to issue many final test reports on first count. The process will be:

Planting: Samples will be planted within 1-3 days from sample arrival. The planting date will be available on the eCertification website.

Chilling: Samples will be chilled for 7 days to break dormancy. Chilling is critical for uniform and maximum germination.

First Count: 7 days after chilling ends, samples are evaluated as follows:

Maximum germination
Test fluorescence 100% or above VFL

End at first count & issue final germination-fluorescence report.

Maximum germination
Test fluorescence within 2% of VFL (meets Certification standard)

End at first count & issue final germination-fluorescence report UNLESS customer requests add’l 7 days by indicating on sample certificate: "14 day germ if TFL is low"
Maximum germination but test fluorescence lower than 2% of VFL (does not meet Certification standard) Keep add’l 7 days UNLESS customer requests on sample certificate: “end on max germ”
No maximum germination Keep add’l 7 days.

Thank you for using the OSU Seed Lab. If you have any questions now or during the testing season, please let us know at seedlab@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-4464.

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