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Update to Industry, Sept 2, 2011

The lab was aware that harvest would be delayed and the time to harvest, clean, test and ship seed would be short. To respond to such needs, we made extra preparations. In addition to intense training and hiring of additional staff, we continued to streamline our internal processes and made some significant improvements. As expected, samples arrived almost a month late but testing is flowing smoothly.

Testing Flow Summary

Purity is flowing very well. Throughout August, the turnaround was within 4-6 working days, which is similar to previous years. Many customers are requesting Rush service for their tests, which are being reported within the same or the next business day.

The Germination team incorporated several innovations. Most samples were planted the same day or next business day from sample arrival. Thanks to the new AOSA rule, about 85% of annual ryegrass samples have ended on first count. Most grasses are germinating as well as in previous years and many tall fescue, orchardgrass and fine fescue samples are ending on first count.

Special Testing experienced an increase in tests this year but continues to provide a timely service. Annual ryegrass has become a very active user of the ploidy test which takes 10-12 days and many species are using TZ for viability, which takes 24-48 hrs.

Hints that may Help our Customers

  • Watch your multiples! Multiples can inflate your inert results very fast. This is especially the case in perennial ryegrass.
  • If you don’t know the destination of your seed, it may be useful to test for crop and weed. The report can be converted to Noxious, SOD, UGS, without losing time. This approach is faster and cheaper than ordering repeated tests.
  • Don’t delay your germination. Some people appear to be waiting until purity is OK to order germination. Remember that Certification accepts germination results from a previous OSU test on an official certification sample from the same lot.
  • Use on-line services. Everything is there, i.e. the day your sample entered the lab, planting date, pre-chill, purity results, germination counts, etc.  
  • If you are shipping seeds to countries/buyers that require the ISTA Orange or Blue International Certificates, these services are available.

We are here to help you succeed. Thank you for using the OSU Seed Lab. If there is any other way we can help you, please contact us at: seedlab@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-4464.

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