It has really gotten busy in the past couple weeks.  We got off to a lethargic start in July but August sample numbers are making up for it.  We have already received twice as many samples in August than came in during the previous month.  We are on target to receive significantly more samples than usual for this month.

With the large sample load, we are receiving a substantial number of Rush service requests.  We continue to manage those requests to the best of our ability.  It requires us to manage two separate sample flows in order to ensure that other testing is done in a timely manner.  It is our desire to provide the expected service to both groups.

Therefore, as of today, Aug. 15, the Rush turnaround time may extend past the 48 hour timeframe while we balance providing all customers with expected testing services.  We will continue to give priority service on your requests and will strive for the 48 hour timeframe.

We are cognizant of the compressed season and the urgency required to meet your business needs.  We are meeting frequently to assess and assure that our best efforts are being extended to that end.

We do appreciate your business and look forward to a successful season.