UPDATED 3/23/2020

The OSU Seed Lab remains open during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

We are aware of those around us that are suffering and recognize and appreciate those that sacrifice to help us get through these tough situations.

In order to provide continuity of service and facilitate the movement of seeds at this time of year—planting season we are striving to keep the Seed Lab open.

We continue to follow the University counsel and have been monitoring the OSU Coronavirus Update page as well as CDC and other websites.

We have taken steps to mitigate risks within the Lab.

  • At this time only Lab employees or delivery services are allowed in the Lab.
    • We are not giving tours until further notice.
    • Workshops are postponed
  • We are following CDC guidelines with regards to washing hands and maintaining clean workspaces.
  • We are maintaining physical distancing among workers.
  • Those that have symptoms return home or do not come in to work.

Currently we are able to maintain reasonable turnaround times, however, as we manage physical distancing it could impact test processing and posting of test results.

As long as we maintain our protocols and control the Lab environment, we will continue to offer seed testing services to the Industry.

We appreciate those employees and seed analysts that are continuing to work and everyone’s patience and support.

As more information is available we will keep everyone informed.