The USDA has just released an update to the All States Noxious Weeds List.  One of the changes will have an impact on seed test results at the OSU Seed Lab.
   The State of Indiana has determined that all Amaranthus sp. (pigweeds) are “Restricted Noxious” and must be listed on the label by number of seeds per pound.  If there are more than .25% of the sample, they are prohibited and may not be labeled or sold in the state.
   Over the past 3 years we have reported Amaranthus sp. in 20-30 purity samples and 15-20 bulk samples.  They were reported as common weeds.
   In the future we will have to report all Amaranthus sp. as noxious and will calculate the number of seeds per pound.  We will continue to issue the Palmer amaranth statement that we have been using over the past year for product that has Origin of OR, WA or ID—“(Amaranthus spp.—not A. palmeri)”.