Where were you during the Eclipse of 2017?

We have heard estimates of around 1 million visitors in or around Corvallis on the day of the Eclipse .  Oregon State University has made extensive plans for research as well as entertainment purposes.  As a consequence, the main campus will be closed for business.

At the Seed Laboratory, while we will not be on site August 21st, we are making plans to ensure that samples continue to flow in and data continues to flow out of our facility in a timely manner.  We will arrange plantings in order for germination and purity results to be available with the least amount of delay.

As long as the tidal surge does not come over the mountains and the parking lots clear out, we will be back in business on the 22nd.

We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this historic phenomenon as well.

Keep your headlights on.


David C. Stimpson, Ph.D.

Seed Laboratory Manager

Oregon State University