OSU Seed Laboratory Customer Help Center

Welcome to our customer help center! In the links below, customers can find instructional guides to help them use the OSU Seed Services Online Portal for requesting or retrieving testing information and services. The guides were designed to help customers with common navigation questions and showcase how to find relevant sample and test information as it relates to the OSU Seed Lab.

How do I....

Click HERE to learn how to find your test number. Many functions in Online Services use the OSU Seed Lab assigned test number to access data. This guide shows how to use the seed lot number to find a sample’s test number.

Click HERE to learn how to request additional tests for samples that have already been received at the lab.

Click HERE to learn how to request additional tests for in-transit samples that have not been received at the lab. 

Submitted samples are kept on file approximately two years, dependent on the crop kind and amount of remaining seed. Please contact the Lab if you think your sample is too old.

Click HERE to learn how to request ISTA sampling and testing.

Click HERE for frequently asked questions about ISTA testing, and HERE to learn the difference between an Orange and a Blue Certificate.

Click HERE to learn how to track a sample as it moves through purity analysis. Once samples are received and processed at the lab, they can be tracked online as they move through different stages of the purity analysis process.

Click HERE to learn how to access your sample and test data online. This guide will explain how to use Online Services to view specific details about a submitted sample (including any tests requested) and view preliminary results of certain completed and in-progress tests.

Access to sample information is protected and requires prior approval from the owner of the sample-- please see the below section on CC requests or contact the owner of the sample to add authorization.

Click HERE to learn how to add a third party (CC) to a test. This will allow third parties to have access to sample data and test results. They will also be able to request changes and additional testing.

Click HERE to learn how to sign up for email notifications for issued reports. Online Services uses a system called ReportWatcher that allows you to sign up to receive email notifications when a report is generated. This can eliminate time spent monitoring Online Services for test reports.

Notification settings expire one year after signing up and will need to be renewed at that point. Please be aware only one email address can be signed up at a time.  

Click HERE to learn how to view your test report online. This allows you to access your OSU Report of Analysis once it has been issued by the Lab.


Click HERE to learn how to view and pay your invoices online. Payments can be made online by credit card, ACH, or wire transfer (for international customers).