birdseedSome researchers and regulators are concerned that noxious weeds may be disseminated through birdseed. This service is of value for producers, regulators and users of birdseed. The identity of seeds in birdseed mixes can be determined, and some or all tested for viability.

Tests that may be ordered include:

  • Noxious search
  • Germination or tetrazolium
  • Mill check to determine percentages

Examples of recent tests:

  • A researcher was conducting a study of birdseed contaminants. We did a visual examination of the bags of birdseed, removed noxious weeds, identified, weighed and calculated percentages and returned the noxious seeds to researcher.
  • A similar search was conducted for another researcher with birdseed from different suppliers. The researcher required separation and quantification of each seed species present in the birdseed bag.

Testing fee is based on an hourly charge. Contact the lab for specific prices.