Some customers mix or blend many species and want to know if the product has the specified percentages of components or if a certain component has acceptable viability. Useful for producers and users of blends and mixtures.

Examples of recent tests include:

  • Samples of a mixture for wetlands were submitted for identification of seed species present. Component species were identified, weighed and reported.
  • A buyer had purchased a blend of turf grass and wanted to verify if the sample contained the kinds and proportions listed in the label.
  • Plants were sent for grow-out and identification of plants from a golf course (live plants were sent in for us to grow and identify).
  • Examined seeds used in a new planting process to test for viability of seeds after processing. The seed mixture was sprayed through a hose at high speed and the customer had it checked for damage to the seeds.
Testing fees are based on hourly charges.