What are Blue Certificates?

Blue certificates, like standard AOSA reports, are test reports for seed samples. Customers provide the seeds and the lab tests them. The test results refer only to the sample. There are no restrictions in regard to lot size, sealing, or sampling.

What is the process?

  • Fill out the request using Online Services, and print the sample certificate.  New customers should contact the Seed Lab for instructions to set up an account.
  • Submit the sample to the lab (previously submitted samples may also be used). 
  • The lab tests the seed. In some cases, the results of previous tests may be used if requested (see FAQs).
  • The lab issues the Blue Certificate. Certificates are mailed unless a customer requests to pick them up in person. Certificates may only be given to the person listed on the certificate or an authorized company representative. You may be asked to provide identification.

Special points of consideration

  • Only species in the ISTA rules can be tested.
  • Only tests that the lab is accredited for, or tests not in the ISTA Rules (when in conjunction with at least one ISTA test), can be reported on an ISTA certificate.
  • If you want the following information on your certificate, you have to request it:
    • Common names (scientific names are always provided)
    • Crops and weeds separated in the purity or OSD
    • Percentages for individual crops and weeds (a seed count is provided for the OSD)