Research projects for seed companies, research, and extension educators

This customer-driven area focuses on any seed related research in response to specific needs of others including research, extension, and industry customers that are working on seed related projects. The following are some examples that were completed in the last few years:

Examples of Completed Projects

  • The effect of maturity stages on purity and viability of some native species.
  • Germination and dormancy studies of native species such as sedges (Carex mertensii).
  • Purity and TZ study to identify, quantify, and measure the viability of bird seeds
  • The effect of heat treatment on breaking seed dormancy and increase germination of seeds.
  • Seed search in soil samples to understand persistence of crop, weed, range seeds, etc.
  • Germplasm screening of California brome by ploidy level.
  • Ploidy germplasm screening for St. Augustinegrass and other species.
  • Effects of various seed coating on germination of some grasses.
  • Effect of seed coating on germination and vigor of Bluegrass.
  • Ploidy evaluation of Brassica species.
  • Effect of seed coating on germination and growth performance of selected grasses.

Future Projects

Future projects in this area are open to the needs of customers in seed related areas, such as: moisture content, purity, germination, vigor, seed identification, ploidy, TZ, seed search in soil or compost or feed pellets, etc. If you have a need or idea, bring it up to the lab and we may be able to assist in designing the study, performing experiments, and analyzing data.