Seeds are the main source of the world's diet. The production of high quality seed is the cornerstone of any agriculture system. Understanding the physiological and biochemical aspects of these unique biological units and determining their quality contributes to the success of an agriculture program.


Seed Science & Technology CSS 420/520

  • Web Course
  • Offered Winter and Spring terms
  • 3 credits
  • A great elective course for all plant science majors!

In this course, you will learn:

  • How seeds are formed and factors affecting their development and maturation.
  • The structure of seeds and their chemical composition.
  • Physiological aspects of seed germination and dormancy.
  • Morphological and physiological changes druing seed deterioration and storage.
  • The concept of seed quality, its importance in agriculture, its attributes and impact on field performance.
  • Methods of measuring seed quality of conventional and genetically modified seeds.

Instructor: Dr. Sabry Elias, OSU Seed Lab. 737-4799 [email protected]

Teaching Assistant: Kimberly Hannaway 737-5036 [email protected]