sabry-groupFocus: Workshops respond to common needs of groups.

Who: Prospective attendees may come from a variety of backgrounds, including seed grower, cleaner, dealer, seed analyst and students. Each workshop differs in focus and intended audience.

How it works: Group size is limited to assure optimum interaction. The trade-mark of these events is “hands-on”. Events may be repeated or offered in Spanish if there is sufficient interest. Some events are offered directly by the OSU seed laboratory staff and others by invited experts to address specialized areas.

We will announce any workshops on this website.

Examples of past workshops:

  • two-students2008: Canadian seed grading, offered by the Seed Testing and Regulatory Branch of the USDA.
  • 2007: Grass Seed Conditioner's Workshop – Offered in Spanish. Emphases were on crop and weed seed identification, types of inert matter, and principles of seed cleaning.
  • 2006, 2005, 2004: Grass Seed Conditioner’s Workshops – Several events offered in English with emphasis on crop and weed seed identification, inert matter, and principles of seed cleaning.
  • 1999: Federal Seed Schools, offered by the USDA Seed Testing Branch. Many analysts from public and private labs attended.