cold-test-cornCold Test (CT): A vigor test that indicates the potential emergence of seeds under early spring field conditions where cold and wet soils are prevalent. Used for corn, beans, peas, and vegetables that are planted in the early spring. 

Accelerated Aging (AAT): A vigor test, where seeds are stressed with high temperature and relative humidity for a period of time prior to the germination test. High quality seeds tolerate such stress conditions and retain their capabilities to produce normal seedlings when germinated.

Conductivity Test (CT): A test to measure the integrity of the cell membranes. Low vigor seeds have leaky membrane structure and release electrolytes into the soak-water. The level of electrolytes is reflected in high electric conductivity of the soak-water.

Speed of Germination (SG): High quality seeds germinate faster than poor quality seeds.  The number of normal seedlings recorded in the first count represents the population of fast germinating seeds and thus functions as a vigor measurement (AOSA Seed Vigor Testing Handbook).